xAce is Back in Active Development and Looking For Contributors

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xAce is a great Jupiter Ace emulator and is in fact the one that I use the most, however it hasn't been actively developed since 1997 and therefore has some shortcomings. I am keen to improve the emulator and have quite a few plans for it. I have been in touch with Edward Patel, the original author of xAce, and he is happy to see xAce development continued. The code is licensed under the GPL v2 and I know that people are working separately on improvements to it, but think it would great if we could all work together to get the most out of this emulator and to make sure that we can use each of our strengths to best advantage.

Project Direction

It is still early days and as more people join the project, things will become more concrete. For now I have created a Todo List on the wiki that details some of the current intentions. The first new release planned, is a minor one that ensures that xAce supports 32bpp displays and should be released as v0.4.1

What We Need

Currently the project is in need of:

  • Programmers
  • Testers
  • A web designer to improve the project page

What to do now

You can either fork the xAce repository on GitHub, or download the latest master branch source code, whichever you find more comfortable. I would however, encourage anyone interested, to take the time to give Git and GitHub a go as it makes life so much easier. There is also a wiki which will grow with time and although it is quite small at the moment, you should find the contributing page useful. If you want to see what is happening, contribute or get in touch the best place is via the xAce Development Google Group. Finally there is also a small xAce project page, which is mainly aimed at users not developers.

If you have any problems or want to help, it would be great to hear from you.

Creative Commons License
xAce is Back in Active Development and Looking For Contributors by Lawrence Woodman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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