How to Make Thunderbird Feel Like Geary

Geary is a lightweight email client inspired by gmail's interface. Its simple minimalistic interface is quite pleasant to use and initially I was really pleased to switch to it from Thunderbird. However, after a while I started to miss the extra functionality that Thunderbird provides such as a decent address book, tagging, filtering and proper error reporting. I switched back to Thunderbird, but the classic view with its half screen height message window started to annoy me. The first thing that I tried was to switch to Vertical view, but it didn't feel as comfortable as Geary. Finally I looked at what add-ons were available and came up with two that, for me, made Thunderbird work better than Geary: More Layouts and Thunderbird Conversations.

To start with this is how Thunderbird normally looks for me:

And this is how Geary looks:

By using the two add-ons, switching to stacked view, turning on conversation view and reducing the number of columns displayed, I ended up with:

I'm really happy with these changes as I now have a full-height message window and the conversation view works wonderfully. I also prefer having just two columns with the Subject, From and Date on the same line which allows me to get to grips with my emails much quicker than with Geary.

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