• Installing the HI-TECH Z80 C Compiler for CP/M

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    My language of choice is C and I am currently getting more involved with the CP/M operating system. I have therefore decided that it would be nice to have a C compiler working under CP/M. There are a number of options available in the archives, but I have found that HI-TECH are allowing their C...   Read More

  • Setting up z80pack to Create an Emulated CP/M System

      Tags: CP/M     Emulation     Retro     Z80     Tutorial    
    I have decided to try out some old CP/M software, but need something to run it on.  I could either do this on my Commodore 128 or through emulation.  Unfortunately the 1571 disk drive for my Commodore is currently out of action, so that leaves me with emulation.  I was going to use vice to emulat...   Read More