• xdgbasedir: A Tcl Module to Access the XDG Base Directory Specification

      Tags: Programming     Tcl/Tk    
    Unix has traditionally lacked a consistent way of storing user specific and system wide configuration and support files. This has lead to a mess of dot files in a user’s home directory and other associated files being all over the file system. The XDG Base Directory Specification describes a si...   Read More

  • Compiling a Tcl Script into an Executable

      Tags: Programming     Tcl/Tk     Tutorial     C    
    Locating Tcl scripts to load from an executable can be awkward if you want to make your program cross-platform. An easier way is to compile a Tcl script directly into the executable and let that script find any other scripts needed. This is particularly relevent as so many programs just use a s...   Read More

  • Embedding an SDL Surface in a Tk Window

      Tags: Programming     SDL     Tcl/Tk     Tutorial    
    Tk is great, but sometimes it just isn’t fast enough. SDL is fast, but has no support for input dialogs and other GUI conventions. By embedding an SDL surface in a Tk window you get the best of both worlds. Whether you want to use Tk to add a nice GUI to an SDL app or want to access SDL via Tc...   Read More