• Running 4K FORTRAN on a DEC PDP-8

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    4K FORTRAN was a subset of FORTRAN II and was the first high-level language available for the DEC PDP-8. It consisted of two parts: the 4K FORTRAN Compiler (nicknamed “Fivetran”) and the 4K FORTRAN Operating System. The compiler was written by Larry Portner and the operating system was written ...   Read More

  • A Quickstart Guide to Editing Paper Tape With the Symbolic Tape Editor on the DEC PDP-8

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    Before re-writable storage devices, such as tape drives, become popular for the DEC PDP-8, owners had to rely on paper tape. This was fine for loading programs on pre-punched tape, but left the problem of how to put new data onto punched tape and how to edit existing data. This could be done of...   Read More

  • Emulating a DEC PDP-8 with SimH

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    The DEC PDP-8 mini-computer was launched on 22 March 1965 and was a great success. It was fairly cheap for the day and could easily be expanded. What attracts me most to the PDP-8 is its simple design. I therefore decided to experiment with the SimH emulation of this machine, but found that th...   Read More

  • PDP 8 in 'Three Days of the Condor'

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    I watched ‘Three Days of the Condor’ the other night and loved seeing what I believe is a Dec PDP 8/E being used. Also featured in connection with this machine was a DecWriter, paper tape reader and possibly a VT-52 video terminal. The film revolves around a CIA researcher, Robert Redford, find...   Read More