• Book Review: What the Dormouse Said by John Markoff

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    The premise of this book is that the 60s/70s counter-culture led to the personal computer revolution. I think the book demonstrated well how this influenced SAIL and how the Augment lab innovations led to the work at Xerox on the Alto and in turn became an influence for Apple and Microsoft. Wher...   Read More

  • BBS Ads: Getting the Word Out

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    BBS Ads were important to users and sysops of BBS’s. There wasn’t any universal directory like the phone book, and during the heyday of BBS’s (early ’80s to the mid ’90s), most people couldn’t easily access the Internet. Every BBS had a different atmosphere. It was important to attract users a...   Read More

  • Book Review: Electronic Brains: Stories from the Dawn of the Computer Age by Mike Hally

    5.0/5.0   Tags: Book     Review     History     Retro    
    This is an interesting history of computer development around the world during the 1940s and 50s.  The book grew out of a radio series on BBS Radio 4 and contains lots of original material gained from interviews in 2001 and 2004.  It is very accessible as it focuses slightly more on the events an...   Read More