• My Top 10 Classic Text Mode BSD Games

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    Recently, I have been playing a collection of text mode games that were commonly found on Unix Systems during the 70s and 80s. These games are surprisingly playable and, for me, they really show that there is more to gaming than flashy graphics. As with any top 10 list, everyone will have their...   Read More

  • Bouncing Babies

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    Bouncing Babies is one of the first games I remember playing on an IBM PC Compatible. I recall looking at this funny game and thinking that it really was a strange concept. It was released as Shareware by Dave Baskin, but I believe that it is now Freeware. Here you can see the CGA graphics a...   Read More

  • Beneath a Steel Sky, My Favourite Graphical Adventure Game

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    Beneath a Steel Sky was released for the PC in 1994 by Revolution Software. It was received well and has gone on to be considered a cult classic. It uses the Virtual Theatre engine which was first used in Lure of the Temptress and among other things allows the non-player characters to have a ba...   Read More

  • Using ScummVM to Play Classic Adventure Games

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    ScummVM is Virtual Machine, that allows you to run adventure games created for a number of game creation engines. This is a great way of playing those classic adventure games that you loved so much, or never got a chance to play at the time. Some of them such as Beneath a Steel Sky have rarely ...   Read More