• The Smallest Communication Program in the World?

      Tags: 80x86     DOS     Programming     Retro     Assembly    
    I was going through a backup of my dos machine, taken in 1998, and came across some source code which I haven’t seen for a long time. It was great to see that old code, and I must set-up a machine so that I can run some of it again. In particular I came across an attempt at writing the world’s ...   Read More

  • Bouncing Babies

      Tags: DOS     Games     Retro    
    Bouncing Babies is one of the first games I remember playing on an IBM PC Compatible. I recall looking at this funny game and thinking that it really was a strange concept. It was released as Shareware by Dave Baskin, but I believe that it is now Freeware. Here you can see the CGA graphics a...   Read More

  • Using DOSBox to Run DOS Games and Applications

      Tags: DOS     Emulation     Retro     Tutorial    
    There were some brilliant games and applications released for DOS, and some of the games such as Command and Conquer are still very playable. There are a number of options to play these games today, from using a Virtual Machine such as QEMU, to DOSBox which is a dedicated DOS emulator. Both of ...   Read More