• If Only Borland Had Stuck With Turbo Modula-2 For CP/M

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    I have written previously about why Turbo Pascal is a Great Choice For Programming Under CP/M and now it is time to talk about what could have been. You probably haven’t heard of Turbo Modula-2 for CP/M as it was only on the market for a brief period of time. However, it was a superb product an...   Read More

  • Turbo Pascal: A Great Choice For Programming Under CP/M

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    CP/M was blessed with many programming languages, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I think that Turbo Pascal stands out from these and I’m not alone. When Turbo Pascal was released in 1983 by Borland, as their first software development application, it was quickly adopted by school...   Read More

  • Installing the HI-TECH Z80 C Compiler for CP/M

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    My language of choice is C and I am currently getting more involved with the CP/M operating system. I have therefore decided that it would be nice to have a C compiler working under CP/M. There are a number of options available in the archives, but I have found that HI-TECH are allowing their C...   Read More

  • Installing ZDE 1.6, a programmers editor for CP/M

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    To do any serious programming under CP/M, the first thing you need is a good programmers editor. There aren’t many in the archives, but I have tried most of them and found ZDE to be the best. It is small, has lots of features, and uses Wordstar commands which are familiar to me and easy to lear...   Read More

  • Setting up z80pack to Create an Emulated CP/M System

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    I have decided to try out some old CP/M software, but need something to run it on.  I could either do this on my Commodore 128 or through emulation.  Unfortunately the 1571 disk drive for my Commodore is currently out of action, so that leaves me with emulation.  I was going to use vice to emulat...   Read More