• BBS Ads: Getting the Word Out

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    BBS Ads were important to users and sysops of BBS’s. There wasn’t any universal directory like the phone book, and during the heyday of BBS’s (early ’80s to the mid ’90s), most people couldn’t easily access the Internet. Every BBS had a different atmosphere. It was important to attract users a...   Read More

  • Using C-Kermit to Exchange Files With Telnet BBS's

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    Most BBSs that are still running now do so via telnet. In many ways this is great as it allows people from all around the world to access a BBS as if it were local to them. The problem comes though, when you want to upload or download a file to/from the BBS. Most telnet clients don’t make this...   Read More

  • Getting Colour ANSI Emulation to Work Properly When Connecting to a BBS With Telnet Under Linux

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    I have noticed that the number of people interested in using telnet to access BBSs seems to be growing, which I’m really pleased to see. However lots of people seem to be having trouble getting colour ANSI emulation working properly with telnet under Linux. I have therefore put this tutorial to...   Read More