It really is funny the things that we spot sometimes. Most of us must have looked up at the clouds and spotted animals, houses and other imagined objects. We are also used to the occasional news report of people finding images they recognise in the strangest of places, such as the girls who found the Arabic word for God, ‘Allah’, in a Tomato. My find is not as thought provoking as what those girls found, but it did amuse me when I noticed it.

Image of a Chinese Man Found on a Tissue

Here is the original image. You can clearly see his hat, eyes, eyebrow ridges, nose, mouth and a rough outline of his face. I know that this is a stereotypical picture, but stereotypes sometimes provide our strongest ideas no matter how much we try to ignore them.

Annotated Image of a Chinese Man Found on a Tissue

I have marked the rough outline of the man on the image in case you can’t spot it at first. I was really quite surprised when I noticed him, unfortunately however, I never had a camera with me so had to rely on my phone’s camera. The quality isn’t great, but I think it is clear enough for you to see what I saw.